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About Dr. Bauman

Dr. Bauman is certified through the American Viniyoga Institute, one of the most prestigious Yoga training and certification schools in the world.


  • Certified Yoga Therapist- 500-hour level

  • Certified Yoga Instructor-500-hour level

  • Certified in Cardiac Yoga

Dr. Lisa Bauman

Lisa’s love for the human body’s mechanics of movement began early with ballet lessons as a young child and later as a dance teacher of 12 years. Her degree in dentistry and work as a practicing dentist further solidified her love for science and the wonder of the human body.
Lisa’s love for Yoga also began early, when at the age ten, she began practicing Yoga poses with her father in her family’s living room before school every morning. Her Yoga journey continued when after ten years of practicing dentistry, she decided to pursue a different form of healing, Yoga therapy. Lisa brings many experiences and knowledge to her Yoga therapy clients and Yoga students with over four years of training and certifications in Yoga and over 20 years as a Yoga practitioner.
As an instructor, Lisa teaches group Yoga classes and private sessions in her home studio and community. As a Yoga therapist, working privately or in a group environment, she uses the ancient tools of the Yoga tradition to promote health and healing. Lisa’s unique skills as a Yoga instructor and therapist serve the special populations she teaches. Some of these populations include senior citizens, pregnant women, those in a mental health crisis, and those with brain injuries.

One of Lisa’s special passions is working with children. Lisa dreams of bringing her uniquely designed mindfulness program to as many schools in her community as possible. This dream arose as Lisa developed and instituted a mindfulness program while volunteering at a local grade school. For almost a decade, Lisa shared her love for Yoga, imparting the Yogic philosophy that whatever is learned “on the mat” can be applied to life “off the mat” to better oneself and the world. 

She believes that teaching children mindfulness offers them a path to personal growth and development, where they become more personally responsible and better equipped to handle the enormous challenges students face today, such as the detrimental effects of social media, bullying, peer pressure, self-image issues, and destructive behaviors. This explicitly designed program teaches children how to create personal peace and a strong sense of well-being along with meaningful interpersonal relationships, where they naturally make healthier life choices to better care for themselves, others, and the planet.
Lisa has also completed Level I and II meditation training in Yoga Nidra/iRest through the Integrative Restoration Institute. She teaches meditation and holds weekly group meditation class via Zoom. She uses this type of meditation and other forms of meditation as part of her Yoga therapy.


Mohandas K. “Mahatma” Gandhi best explains Lisa’s philosophy on life and her global perspective when working with people in this paraphrased quote, “Be the change you wish to see in the world.” 

She believes every individual has the power to transform their life. Yoga provides the pathway for the transformation process because Yoga is a science of self-transformation. Lisa sees this process as the magic of Yoga in action, where what is learned “on the mat” filters into “life off the mat.” Through transformation, the individual potentially becomes more personally responsible, creates a happier, healthier, more productive life, and serves others to help reduce suffering in the world.

Lisa views the lack of personal responsibility as one of the biggest problems in the world today. She sees Yoga and its philosophy as the foundation for teaching people to cultivate personal responsibility. Motivational speaking on this subject is another one of Lisa’s passions. She offers many presentations, workshops, and retreats on this and other topics. Lisa wholeheartedly believes that Yoga may be the thing to change this planet.

Lisa is highly passionate about her profession and is incredibly honored to guide those who choose to heal and change their lives.


400 Jarvis Lane • Louisville, KY 40207 • (502) 641-0140


The yoga therapy components of my teaching are based on my certification through the American Viniyoga Institute. 

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